Picture of Liquor Bill Amounting Rs 52,841 Goes Viral on internet

A bill showing the purchase of liquor worth 52k in Karnataka has gone viral on social media platforms. Another liquor receipt amounting to Rs 95, 347 also appeared on Twitter. The viral picture of the alcohol purchase bill amounting to Rs 52,841 prompted the state excise to book the seller for selling liquor beyond the permissible limit. As per the existing rules, liquor shops cannot sell more than 2.6 liters of Indian-made Foreign Liquor or 18 liters of beer to a customer per day.

The alleged sale came to light when the (Vinod) customer posted in the social media a receipt showing he bought liquor worth₹52,841 from Vanilla Spirit Zone in the city's south-eastern suburb on Monday afternoon

Venkatesh(shop owner), however, told Giri that the buyer paid for the liquor bought by him and seven of his colleagues at the same time from the shop as they entered together

"We have booked a case against S. Venkatesh for reportedly selling Indian made liquor (IML) and beer to a buyer on Monday more than he is permitted under the Karnataka Excise Act section 36," Bengaluru South Excise Deputy Commissioner A. Giri told IANS here.

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