PUBG Mobile New Update 0.17.0 Season 12 second anniversary

PUBG celebrates its second anniversary, On March 23 since releasing to the public

The latest update will bring a host of new weapons. Already available on the beta version, PUBG MOBILE's next update is going to be titled 0.17.0 and it is going to bring new content to the game. There are new gameplay modes this time but the team is ensuring that there's enough stuff to make the gameplay exciting. The much-awaited death cam is also coming to the game with this new update. Some of them are based around weapons and most of these will make the gameplay full of action.

The Key update

Death Replay:

The Death Replay has been available on the PC version for a long time and now it's coming to mobile version. The feature will show how you were taken by the enemys. This will let players learn from their mistakes and avoid the same error again.

Newer Erangel:

the Erangel map will certainly bring in a elements from the 2.0 map of PC version. UAZ and Dacia will be updated first whereas some locations might be upgraded with better effects.

Tactical Markers:

you can only use a single type of marker on the map but now the new update will bring players use eight different types of markers. Players can now mark enemies, positions

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