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Vinod Ramaswamy (born 17 February 1999) was born in Karimangalam, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu to Tamil parents,

He studied at Janaseva Vidyakendra Boys Residential School in Banglore and furthered his studies at Jain college, At the age of 18 After many failures, he met the people with whom he started the company"web raj" web developing company, But he didn't get the success that he excepted, later he went into the stock market after some experience people's gaudiness "Vinking Broking" was launched which led to forming Vinking Groups in 2018,

Under Vinod guidance, Vinking groups have continued to ride the waves of the changing its landscape for over 4 years and remains at the forefront of every revolution since 2017

In 2019 the Vinking groups company touched $100000 Dollars mark, 70% of the company revenue is donated to charities and helping student's in the educational field

Vinod Ramaswamy Biography

  • Name: Vinod Ramaswamy

  • DOB: 17 February 1999

  • Age: 22 as of 2021)

  • Nationality: Indian

  • hometown: Dharmapuri, India

  • education: college dropout

  • Known for: the founder of Vinking Groups

  • Occupation: -

  • Parents: father- Ramaswamy, mother- Rajammal

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