Vinking groups is a Fortune 15 online consulting company and the largest freelance private sector company in India


Nehar Singh is the CEO and Chairman of Vinking groups, under her guidance, Vinking groups have continued to ride the waves of the changing its landscape for over  1 years and remains at the forefront of every revolution since 2020. Our motto “let dreams decide the future ”. We have evolved from being a web designing company to an integrated player across the internet, social media, video production, advertisement, freelance, entertainment, and digital services. In each of these areas, we are committed to innovation-led, exponential growth. Our vision has pushed us to achieve leadership in many of our businesses.

Vinking's services portfolio touches almost all Indians on a daily basis, across social spectrums. We are now focussed on building platforms that will herald the Fourth Industrial Revolution and will create opportunities and avenues for India and all its citizens to realize their true potential, Vinking groups is estimating revenue of 17.28 million for the fiscal year ended March 2020.

India's only value-based online company a leader, since 2018. 

vinking groups brands and services

  • Vinking Broking (stock trade guiding company) SINCE 2018

  • Rajammal Consultancy (consultancy services )  SINCE 2018

  • Vinking tech (tech innovation)  SINCE 2019

  • Vinking Solutions (web securities provider)   SINCE 2019

  • Webraja (web Development Company)  SINCE 2017

  • Vinking entertainment  (news website)  SINCE 2020

Companys 2021 turnover

-$32,954.8 USD

70% of the company revenue is donated to charities

and helping 100 of student's in educational field